A modern gear manager and list maker for ultralight enthusiasts.
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All Your Gear.
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Populate your gear library with all the gear you own, then sit back and marvel at how much cool sh*t you've collected over the years. When you're ready, build trip lists for your upcoming treks.

Do it all in a super simple and elegant interface.

Gear Library

Main Library

Keep a full library of all the gear you own. Track weight, cost, consumable and details. Add an image for visual recollection.

Trip Lists

Create a unique trip list for every outing. Select and add library items to create lists. You can even start with a clone for super-fast list creation!


In addition to categorization, items can be tagged for easy search and retrieval, as well as to create smart trip lists. It's never been easier to organize your gear!


Need to keep track of gear idiosyncrasies from trip to trip? Item notes help you remember that your super fancy quilt should only be used in sub-freezing weather.

Charts & Graphs

Chart the important weight buckets - total pack, skin out, consumables, luxury, etc. Beautiful and intuitive visuals show you exactly where the weight is going.


Share your lists with friends and social media with the click of a button. (And with short links!) Then brag about how you can do a thru-hike with only 8lbs on your back.

Mobile Responsive

Use CrestLite on a desktop, tablet or your phone. Great for managing your gear and trip lists from wherever you are! (Might also build a native app someday too... woah.)

Social Login

Login with Facebook, Google, or Github and don't worry about remembering a password.